Cisco Virtual SAN Ready Nodes

Earlier this month VMware released an updated list of VSAN Ready Nodes that now includes Cisco UCS models.  Cisco Virtual SAN Ready Nodes are UCS C240 servers with varying numbers of SAS and SSD drives.  The key to getting the servers on node list is that they include a 32GB SSD card to boot vSphere from since the other disk is used for the VSAN storage itself.

The published nodes include 4 configurations:

  • 100 VMs of VDI w/Linked Clones (1.2TB of RAW Capacity)
  • 100 VMs of VDI w/Full Clones (10.8TB of RAW Capacity)
  • 30 VMs of General Workload (6.3TB of RAW Capacity)
  • 60 VMs of General Workload (12.6TB of RAW Capacity)

One thing to note here is that the VDI VM spec for the sizing above is 2 vCPU with 1.5GB of RAM, which probably not going to be what you deploy in a production environment, so make sure you consider your actual RAM requirements when building out a solution.

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